Acumatica Streamlining Distribution for Modern Businesses

Why ePedigree for Distribution?

ePedigree for Distribution Management software is a specialized solution designed to streamline and transform your business operations. With this cutting-edge software, you can automate your purchasing process, improve order fulfillment, track inventory seamlessly, and enhance customer support. 

Companies that use the Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Management Edition report that it helps them manage all their supply chain and logistics activities in one centralized location. By integrating these activities with their financial and sales data, they are empowered to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

The software comes equipped with advanced features such as warehouse management, inventory management, and order management that significantly improve sales and purchase order processes. With its intuitive interface and exceptional reporting capabilities, the Distribution Management software enables businesses to reduce errors, streamline their operations, increase collaboration, and boost profitability.

Acumatica for Distribution

Core Components

The Distribution Edition includes inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management, as well as other applications in addition you can choose to connect to adjust the system to your specific requirements.

Inventory Management

Enhance inventory management with real-time tracking, warehouse visibility, and advanced reporting for better order fulfillment decisions and logistics.

Sales Order Management

Simplify sales order management with a centralized system for customer information, inventory, and pricing.

Purchase Order Management

Boost purchase order management with advanced tech for enhanced productivity and reduced inefficiencies. Our dynamic features help outlets prioritize customer service while reaching their targets.

Requisition Management

Efficient requisition management capabilities allow for automation and real-time visibility, minimizing issues like stock-outs and excessive inventory while optimizing inventory levels and purchasing decisions.

Warehouse Management

With advanced reporting, analytics features, and multiple warehouse management capabilities, businesses gain better oversight leading to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

Advanced Financials

Acumatica offers intercompany transactions, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, and customizable dashboards for real-time performance analysis.

Features for Distribution

Production Tracking

Complete tracking of the entire production processes, including extraction, edibles, packaging, trimming, and more.

Complete Analytics

Provides a complete set of industry analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for a total view of your operations.

Quality Assurance

Record quality assurance measures with production attributes such as potency, dry weight, wet weight, etc.

Accurate Plant Tracking

Using RFID and bar coded plant tags to take cycle counts, the suite automatically compares readings with inventory quantities and reported quantities.

Automatic Reports

Enter data once and transactions can be automatically reported to governmental agencies as needed which reduces errors and time.

Cost Tracking

Track cost of goods sold (COGS) for federal and state level reporting, including Federal Tax Code 280E

Integrated Distribution Solutions

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