Business Process Vault

Manage the entire lifecycle of your solution

Why Use Business Process Vault?

12 months, huge frustration, money,  trying to implement with a large reseller,  NetSuite, Sage, Acumatica, … they can’t focus like DCAA Solutions on specific industries.  Introduced to DCAA Solutions, 12 weeks later we went from a new clean start to finish and live with  DCAA Solutions ePedigree!”  

            CEO of Pharmaceutical customer

Business Process Vault is a remarkable solution that revolutionizes the way businesses operate by streamlining their unique business processes. With Business Process Vault, companies can bid farewell to redundant manual labor, reducing human errors effectively. This incredible solution is designed to help companies define, test, approve, and maintain processes, which promote repeatability, consistency, and adherence to established timelines.

Business Process Vault comes packed with exciting features, which ensure precision and adaptability to specific business environments, aligning employees towards the same objectives, and empowering the onboarding process for new hires while simultaneously, training existing employees. With Business Process Vault, companies can transform their business processes with confidence, simplicity, and efficiency. Don’t be left behind with outdated processes. Get Business Process Vault today and be assured of a future of streamlined operations and growth.

Business Process Vault

Core Components

Business Process Vault includes Process Builder and Embedded Workflow.

Process Creator

A versatile process automation tool that helps businesses create custom processes with ease for maximum benefits.

Visual Designer

Design tools help companies create a strong brand identity through eye-catching visuals for marketing.

Video Capture

Transparency and accountability boost business performance through better decision-making, fewer errors, and increased productivity and profitability.

Activity Management

Efficient activity management is vital for optimizing workflows, increasing productivity and profits. Investing in it can bring significant positive impacts to overall business trajectory.

Smart Alerts

Smart alerts improve workflows, problem identification, and decision making for businesses through customized and timely notifications of important events and critical deadlines.

Process Documentation

The Business Process Vault is a one-stop-shop for all business process documentation. It provides easy access to process information for employees.

The Business Process Vault Difference


Increase in Employee Productivity


Faster Employee Proficiency


Reduction in Support Queries


Business Processes Created

Business Process Vault Features

Preserve Organizational Knowledge

Employees are going to leave your company at some point. Some may move on to a new company. Others will retire. When an employee leaves, you run the risk of losing their knowledge. Detailed documentation helps you preserve that knowledge.

Reduce Process Uncertainty

Business process documentation removes most if not all vague components within a business. Employees will better understand their roles and responsibility.

Onboard New Employees

Document common processes, like new employee onboarding so it’s easy for everyone to follow best practices.

Easily Manage Labor, Budgets, and Schedules

Give everyone in the field and at the home office an up-to-date snapshot of the project.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Businesses can improve efficiency by analyzing processes and streamlining said processes. This is much easier to do if you have detailed documentation that outlines each process.

Work More on the Business, Not in It

Managers get to spend only 50% of their working hours for the company’s strategic priorities. Set process tasks for your employees and put your time to better use, growing your business.

Ensure Things Get Done in a Consistent Way

Business Process Vault serves as a single source of truth for how teams across your company should be doing a process.

Flexible Teams and Resilient Processes

Acumatica was built to support modern, distributed teams that need to work from anywhere, adapt to change fast, and maintain continuity of operations.

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