Acumatica Digital Payment Solutions

Leading Payment Processing Solutions Integrated Right Into Your Acumatica Cloud ERP Software

Benefits of SurePay

DCAA’s SurePay is a streamlined payment processing system that offers several core components to provide businesses with a comprehensive payment solution.

Secure Transactions

Customer information secured using industry leading encryption methods.

Rocket Fast

SurePay’s platform is simple and fast, offering some of the fastest processing time available.

0% Processing Fee

SurePay offers a 0% credit card processing fee with most merchants.

Next Level Payment Solutions

SurePay streamlines payments for businesses, eliminating balances in Accounts Receivable, saving money and improving cash flow with automated reports and integration with accounting software. Grow your operations and stay customer-focused with SurePay.

Award-Winning API

An end-to-end payment solution integrated directly with Acumatica ERP. Generating invoices automatically saving time and effort.

Customer Experience

Our SurePay solution can help you cut costs, improve customer service, and drive inefficiencies out of your processes.

Security and Compliance

A secure payment structure that follows industry leading regulations and compliance so you know your payments and customers data is safe.

Grow Your Business Efficiently

Elimating A/Rs and reducing payment processing fees by 25% putting money back into your company.


Increased Working Capital


Transactions Processed


Faster Cash Flow


Reduction in Fees

Us vs. Them

Why Choose DCAA SurePay over Others

Our solutions are designed to remove upfront investment costs when moving towards new and modern innovative cloud technology systems. We make it possible for you to safeguard your assets and increase EBITDA while planning today for tomorrow’s exit.

Advanced Support

Streamlined support with clients in all industries.

Best-in-Class API

End-to-end payment solution integrated directly with Acumatica ERP.

Customizable Solutions

SurePay is customizable to support your industry needs.

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